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Our Approach

BloodLoop's approach to blockchain sets it apart from other games in the industry. While it embraces the power of blockchain technology, its primary focus is on removing any potential friction points that have been observed in previous blockchain-based products.

A fundamental aspect of BloodLoop's unique approach is addressing the need for true ownership of in-game items that players purchase or craft. The existence of black markets for reselling game assets obtained through time and effort highlights the demand for secure and legitimate ownership.

By leveraging blockchain technology, BloodLoop can ensure a secure, fast, and cost-effective system for item ownership.

This empowers users, granting them real value for the time they invest in the game. BloodLoop's commitment to eliminating friction and enhancing user experience showcases its dedication to delivering a seamless and rewarding blockchain gaming environment.

Our Subnet

BloodLoop is paving the way for its unique approach by utilizing an Avalanche Subnet, which acts as an application-specific side chain with complete customization capabilities.

Leveraging this innovative technology, the BloodLoop team has made remarkable advancements by rewriting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) within the chain. This has enabled the integration of a groundbreaking gas-fee whitelisting feature, eliminating gas fees entirely for the end user.

By implementing this cutting-edge solution, BloodLoop revolutionizes the traditional transaction model, ensuring a seamless and cost-efficient gaming experience for players.

The utilization of an Avalanche Subnet showcases the game's commitment to removing barriers and enhancing user accessibility within the blockchain realm.

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