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👾What is BloodLoop?

Introduction and General informations


BloodLoop is the first 5v5 Hero-Shooter built leveraging web3 technology.

Built and thought of as a bridge between web2 and web3, BloodLoop utilizes the potential of the blockchain without making it an obstacle for non-crypto-native users, leveraging a custom blockchain (based on Avalanche Subnets) to remove any friction points, and a series of tailored plugins to make the user experience smooth.

The gameplay is the center of the development, full of unique USPs and dynamics, gamers will have fun, and thanks to the complementary economic system they can provide real value for their time and skills.

Whether you want to play strategic 5v5 battles and learn the team synergies of each character's skills, compete in all-on-all confrontations, or climb the leaderboards with competitive matches, BloodLoop will amaze you.

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