🗓️Game Roadmap

Roadmap for BloodLoop:

  • Q4 2023: Release the closed beta version of the game, working on community building through growth marketing strategies and introducing a free mint NFT collection. Gather feedback from early adopters to improve and refine the game.

  • Q1 2024: Launch the game in early access, allowing a wider audience to experience BloodLoop. Collect valuable user insights to further enhance gameplay mechanics and optimize performance.

  • Q2 2024: Release the first major update to the game, introducing additional game modes, characters, and maps. Organize the first worldwide tournament to foster competitive play and engage the growing community. Implement an affiliate plan to drive user acquisition and grow the player base.

  • Q3 2024: Roll out the second major update to the game, featuring the highly anticipated guild creation system. Players will be able to form and join guilds, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Introduce a new batch of characters and maps to keep the gameplay experience exciting and diverse.

  • Q4 2024: Continuously iterate on the game based on player feedback and community engagement. Implement balance adjustments and quality-of-life improvements to ensure a polished and enjoyable experience for all players. Host community events and competitions to further strengthen the BloodLoop community.

  • Q1 2025: Release the full version of BloodLoop, marking a significant milestone for the game's development. Launch extensive marketing campaigns to attract new players and build a thriving player base. Continue supporting the game with regular updates, content releases, and community-driven initiatives.

The roadmap demonstrates the commitment of the BloodLoop team to a phased approach, focusing on community building, early access, major updates, and continuous improvement. The goal is to deliver an engaging and evolving gaming experience, with the inclusion of desired features such as guild creation, additional characters, and maps, all while fostering an active and passionate community of players.

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