S.E.M. Discovery

In the year 2103, humanity faced a severe energy crisis due to the depletion of fossil fuel sources and the inadequacy of renewable sources. Technological advancement and excessive consumption have worsened the situation, leading to energy rationing to ensure daily access.

Collective hope centers around a key experiment: the analysis and utilization of Exotic Matter. Years earlier, during the last space expedition, a group of researchers extracted a sample of this strange element from a comet, with virtually infinite energy potential.

Despite challenges in building a device to harness this potential, scientists worldwide worked tirelessly to understand Exotic Matter. After years of experimentation, the "Guardians of Energy" developed the "Stellar Core," capable of channeling the energy of Exotic Matter to power cities and electronic devices.

The news of the discovery spread quickly, eliciting global hopes and fears. Efforts began to implement Stellar Cores in major cities worldwide, with initially exciting successes. However, unforeseen challenges arise as Exotic Matter is used.

The balance is fragile, and management requires extreme delicacy. The "Guardians of Energy" strive to address new challenges but realize that Exotic Matter brings unpredictable consequences.

To facilitate human rebirth, global governments decided to unite in the Confederated Union of Earth, a democracy powered by Exotic Matter, aiming to bring peace to a troubled world.

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