Heroes basic informations

In the captivating lore of BloodLoop, players are transported to a dystopian future where the planet is engulfed in a relentless struggle for dominance.

As the three factions vie for control, the game unveils a visually stunning world, each faction boasting its distinct aesthetics and characteristics.

To prevent the devastating destruction of the very world they seek to conquer, the factions have ingeniously devised a solution: the implementation of the BloodLoop. This virtual space zone serves as the battleground for their conflicts, where the laws of time and gravity can be manipulated and controlled.

Within the BloodLoop, the factions send their heroes, elite warriors representing their respective ideologies and powers, to engage in fierce combat. By containing the battles within these realms, the factions can unleash their full might and strategic prowess without endangering the fragile remnants of the planet.

The BloodLoop becomes a crucible of skill and tactics, where heroes clash, employing their unique abilities and exploiting the malleable nature of this domain. It is within these arenas that the fate of the factions and the world itself is determined, as they vie for supremacy and seek to shape the destiny of the planet they yearn to conquer.

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