📈NFT and Crafting

In BloodLoop, the core NFT (Non-Fungible Token) system revolves around innovative crafting solutions. The game takes a unique approach by making all skins, both for heroes and weapons, exclusively obtainable through either purchasing them from other users or crafting them, with the exception of a few unique skins available in a storefront.

After each match, players are rewarded with materials fragments that can be combined to obtain random quantities of materials. These materials can be further refined and used in the crafting process to create skins.

Both the materials and the skins themselves are limited in number and represented as NFTs, creating a sense of scarcity and exclusivity. This means that not everyone can craft every skin, and players may need to acquire materials from others to fulfill their crafting goals.

Crafting in BloodLoop requires a fee paid in tokens, with the price determined by various factors such as skin rarity, market demand, and price fluctuations. However, to provide opportunities for players to engage in crafting without upfront payments, the game offers a progression system through its in-game battle pass.

As players progress through the free levels, they receive crafting tokens that can be used occasionally to craft skins without the need for immediate payment.

This crafting system adds depth, strategy, and an element of scarcity to BloodLoop, making each crafted skin a valuable and sought-after asset within the game's ecosystem.

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